Sunday, September 2, 2012

*The F-Word*

After reading the article, then scrolling quickly through everyone's blogs, Daury's post seemed to be the one I connected to since the "Third Wave" section was probably the one I was most drawn to.

"Postfeminism"?!?!?! How is ANYTHING already considered POST when really the only place in the world where women have a small chance to be on top is the US. Places like the Middle East and Asia continue to degrade women every single day.

Kristen Rowe-Finkbeiner states at one point ,"..the glass ceiling has only cracked, not broken..." (p. 32). Just like Daury said, even though progress has been made in the world of women, there is still a lot of work to be done. In this day and age, although you see more and more women becoming doctors, scientists, corporate leaders, etc., they STILL haven't made it to the top completely. The majority of large corporations are run by men and will only let women get to a certain point in the company before they tell them to stop. I live in a household where I second hand experience it.

I 150% agree with Rowe-FInkbeiner and Daury when they say that we are NOT in a time of postfeminism. I believe that OUR generation will make some type of difference. The drive that young women have now is incredible. I consider myself to be a VERY independent woman and want to make it to the top without the help of a man.


  1. Hi Julianna-
    You raise some great thoughts about "postfeminism." Have you heard of "post" politics anywhere else? Post racial maybe? I agree with you too- we are certainly not in a post era, a more invisible one maybe but certainly not post. Its why feminism appears to come in "waves"- because it goes through period of swell and wane, and right now sometimes it just feels like a wane. :)

  2. I agree with your post whole-heartedly. I don't see how anyone can even try to argue that we're postfeminism, even in the slightest. There's still so many issues we need and have to face head on. Hell, this upcoming election is a great example, haha. (:

  3. I also Agree with you Julianna!
    We still have alot to do. Even now in politics, with women's rights and equal pay! There is a lot of work to be done, but eventually all work get finished... hopefully?

  4. i feel like people think we are in a post feminist era because they are uneducationed about how unequal are systems still are. I know i didnt realize the extent of it until i took this class.